Boston john

Name:Boston john
Rice Lovosity:Yo , dawg i lovez that rice so much id sell my babys momas dimond for that shit
Weekly Rice Consumption:as much crack as i sell BITCH (call me if you need dat)
Favorite Kind of Rice:"I love all kinds!"....naw fuck that shit i only like black rice , black like me
Would marry Condy?yes
Other Comments:ya i whould like to say fucking what up to all my boyz , porch life yo , i like blunts and odies in da hood. keep it O.G what! what!. Tell your mama i love to love dat big behind and tell your papa to go out on monday night so i can run a train on your sisters and you moma (on monday nights i dont have to work dat grill at micky d's,ya heard)
Rice Link:None