James Vanilla Rice

Name:James Vanilla Rice
Rice Lovosity:I love rice so much, not only did I marry it, I took its name when I married it.
Weekly Rice Consumption:Lots
Favorite Kind of Rice:White rice is my favourite. Don't get me wrong, all rice is good, I just like the white kind the most. I will eat white rice in any form.
Would marry Condy?yes
Other Comments:One time I was walking down the street and there was this wedding at a church I was passing, and they were throwing great handfulls of rice into the air, and I shouted, 'YOU'RE WASTING IT!' and I ran up, pushed down the bride, punched out the groom, and fought everyone else with a chair while eating the rice off the ground. You know, because birds love rice so much they'll eat too much of it and die, so I saved them by eating the rice. After I had dispatched the rice-desecrating heathens, I was looking at all the rice I had not yet eaten and was like, 'You know, I've been meaning to marry rice ever since Pee Wee married fruit salad, but things just seem to keep coming up. I think it's time I just go through with it.' So I went in the church and found the minister, and he married us right there. That's why I wouldn't marry Condy, because I'm already married to rice, and that's the only rice for me. I only said I would marry Condy because the web page wouldn't let me say no.
Rice Link:None