Name:Nick "i sure do love rice" arioli
Rice Lovosity:a lot
Weekly Rice Consumption:medium to moderate
Favorite Kind of Rice:rice thats in my belly, traditionally known as: "already eaten rice, that was good" rice. or I also really like rice that I'm about to eat, which is called "hey sweet look! rice! man eating this is going to be fun" rice.
Would marry Condy?yes
Other Comments:rice awards/commendations:
    -co-founder, rice fan club
    -rice lover mvp, 1997, 2001
    -most improved rice eater, 1995
    -purple heart (for rice related injury)
    -BA rice, cambridge
    -Masters in rice appreciation, oxford
    -rice fan club lifetime achievement award
    -rice quartely's man of the year, 2004
Rice Link: